Drone Team Challenge
Drone Team Challenge

Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to compete?

Students in 3rd grade up through 12th may participate. There have been exceptions made for students in the 2nd grade.

How many students make up a team?

Team sizes range from 4-6 students. If you have a large class, you can break them into multiple teams.

Do I need drone experience to be a coach?

No! We provide you with the curriculum needed so there is no experience necessary.

How do competitions work?

We host 3-4 competition days/year in Fort Walton Beach, FL. The students will participate in the 5 mission areas but these days are all about FUN. A plan is currently underway to bring the competition piece nation-wide so that school all over the US can participate.

How much does it cost to sign up?

There is an annual registration fee, a competition registration fee and then a supply kit fee. Those details can be found by Clicking Here. Scholarships are available for schools that may not be able to afford the supply kits.

What is the commitment needed to participate?

A commitment to Drone Team Challenge is annual. We ask that you attend at least one of the competitions throughout the year.

How do I sign up?

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Drone Team Challenge